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Super Duty Pressure Plates

Diaphragm Pressure Plates

Diaphragm style pressure plates offer performance holding power without extreme pedal pressures. RAM diaphragm plates are assembled using explosion resistant pressure rings, heavy duty 3000 pound static pressure springs, new covers, and hardware. Quick, clean release is a standard characteristic of this clutch. Use diaphragm pressure plates for heavy duty street and limited competition when used in conjunction with a proper clutch disc for the application. For full competition vehicles, please consider the RAM Long Style pressure plates.

Long Style Pressure Plates

The long style is the preferred pressure plate for true competition clutch systems. These units provide a combination of static and centrifugal pressure. This characteristic allows setting up the clutch to suit the car and track conditions. Static pressure is provided by coil springs and remains constant throughout the RPM range of the motor. Additional pressure is provided by centrifugal force acting on the levers which impart this force to the pressure ring of the clutch. Centrifugal pressure is RPM sensitive, meaning the force increases as the engine RPM increases. Long style clutches are available with fixed static and centrifugal pressure or with adjustable pressures to allow precise clutch tuning. Other benefits are: explosion resistant pressure rings, chrome vanadium springs for long life, and welded spring guide cups in a heavy duty cover. RAM builds long style clutches with counterweight levers for non-shifting applications such as Lenco or other clutchless transmissions.

Borg and Beck Pressure Plates

Borg & Beck clutches are used in applications where higher RPM is a consideration, or for Chrysler and AMC applications where fitting a long style clutch may be a problem.  All units are assembled using explosion resistant pressure rings, heavy duty levers and hardware, chrome vanadium springs, and new covers.  Increased pedal effort can be expected, and may require strengthening of your clutch linkage components for proper operation.