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RAM Hydraulic Release Bearings

RAM hydraulic release bearings are designed to be used with RAM or other multiple disc clutches. The bearing base mounts to the front of the transmission using the provided bolts.  RAM hydraulic bearings require a 3/4 or 7/8 inch master cylinder and the -4 AN connection line.  .500" total travel.  All parts necessary for rebuild are available from RAM.





Part Number
GM Round Face .460 travel 78100
Replacement 'o' ring set 78500
Remote bleeder kit 78510
Replacement snap ring set 78520
Replacement piston 78530
Replacement round face bearing 78010



Flat faced units are for use with single disc stock type clutch systems.  Our HD version includes beefed up o-rings with Teflon backup for unparalleled durability.  Maximum travel for flat faced bearings is .800" & we recommend the use of a 3/4" bore master cylinder and DOT 3 non-synthetic fluid.

Part Number
GM Stock Clutch .800' travel 78125
GM HD Stock Clutch .800' travel 78125HD
Ford T-5 (exc. World Class) 78130
Ford Tremec 26 Spline 78132
Replacement bearing for 78125, 78130, 78132 78017
Replacement 'o' ring set for 78125 (.068" dia.) 78505
Replacement 'o' ring set for 78125HD, 7813, 78132 (.132" dia.) 78509


Factory hydraulic systems do not allow for adjustment of the pedal position, often resulting in a high engagement point when using aftermarket clutches.  The RAM system allows you to adjust your pedal position lower to the floor for better driver comfort.  Additionally, this system will allow you to minimize the release of your clutch system for racing applications.  Some vehicles experience shifting problems at higher RPM due to overcentering, or overtravel of the clutch fingers. By limiting this travel and setting the clutch pedal for minimum release this overtravel situation can be eliminated, restoring clean shifts at high RPM.


Part Number
Hydraulic Bearing Pedal Adjuster 78300