Single Sintered Iron Disc Clutch Systems



For applications up to 1200 horsepower, the RAM single iron disc clutches is the ideal choice. Custom built units are available for most small and big block vehicles with base static pressures beginning at 150 pounds for higher rpm small blocks and up to 1800 pounds for larger cubic inch, lower rpm motors. Counterweighted levers are used for clutchless transmission applications while standard levers are for full shifting vehicles. We custom tailor these units for YOUR vehicle.

The RAM single iron clutch assembly is an economical choice for racers from Stock eliminator to fast street. The 5135 compound sintered iron disc allows the clutch to work, or 'slip' as needed in order to get the vehicle to launch smoothly without overpowering the tires. Based on the 11 inch Long Style clutch cover, the unit uses a nodular iron pressure ring and significantly lower static pressure than would be used with conventional discs. A billet aluminum flywheel rounds out the package. Use this single iron clutch assembly for bracket, class, fast street, or other applications up to 1000 horsepower. All RAM single iron clutches are custom assembled based on your application.

Our new billet aluminum pressure ring features a 7075 t-6 blank for extreme servie life and strength, and segmented steel inserts to allow for expansion and contraction of the pressure ring under severe duty loads. These inserts stay flatter and are serviceable in the field without returning the unit to RAM.

Pressure Plates

360 pound base (SB motors) 470
360 pound base w/ aluminum pressure ring (SB motors) 670
360 pound base w/ CW (SB motors) 470CW
360 pound base w/ CW (SB Motors w/ aluminum pressure ring 670CW
800 pound base (BB motors) 471
800 pound base w/ aluminum pressure ring (BB motors) 671
800 pound base w/ CW (BB motors) 471CW
800 pound base w/ CW (BB motors) w/ aluminum pressure ring 671CW
1200 pound base (BB and Truck pull) 473
1200 pound base w/ aluminum pressure ring (BB and Truck pull) 673
1200 pound base w/ CW (BB and Truck pull) 473CW
1200 pound base w/ CW (BB and Truck pull) w/ aluminum pressure ring 673CW
Replacement inserts w/ screws for Aluminum Pressure Ring 559

5135 Iron Discs

1-23 spline 1354
1 1/16-10 spline 1336
1 1/8-10 spline 1364
1 1/8-26 spline1 3/16-18 spline 1363
1 3/8-10 spline 1358

REQUIRED accessories

Stud set 492
Shim set 550