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RAM Coupler

The RAM Coupler is a compact, lightweight clutch system featuring splined lock-up engagement. The cone clutch provides the initial engagement to get the vehicle moving when the clutch pedal is depressed. Positive lock-up is achieved when the pedal is released and the splined cone engages the splined top plate. The RAM Coupler is just five pounds and 4 ¾ inches in diameter - about the size of the crank flange itself! RAM recommends that the coupler be used in vehicles under 2600 pounds, or with adequate low gearing to avoid overloading the cone clutch.

A few things to consider:

Car weight and gearing-

The heavier the vehicle, the more pronounced wear will be on the friction cone. We recommend using the Coupler in vehicles 2600 pounds and under, or with adequate low gearing to avoid overloading the cone clutch.

Start out in low gear-

If you only use third and fourth gear and your car is heavy, accelerated wear will occur to the friction lining.


Because the direct drive connection is not synchronized, engine and input speeds must match before re-engagement.

Part No.
Chevrolet (early) 1 1/8-10 28510
Chevrolet (early) 1 1/8-26 28540
Chevrolet (late) 1 1/8-10 28590
Chevrolet (late) 1 1/8-26 28595
Chevrolet (late) 1 3/8-10 28525
Ford SB 1 3/8-10 28550
Ford SB 1 1/16-10 28545
Ford BB 1 3/8-10 28570
Ford 2000cc 1 1/16-10 28555
Ford 2000cc 1-23 28556
Ford 2300cc 1 1/16-10 28560
Ford 2300cc 1-23 28561
Chysler 6 bolt 1-23 28585