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RAM Street Dual Disc clutch systems


Key features:

RAM Poly-coil hub assembly boasts the strength needed for high torque applications. The urethane encapsulated damper springs provide up to four times the shock load of conventional clutch springs. RAM billet flywheels are manufactured in house to our exacting standards for design, machining, and balance. Friction surfaces are precision ground for flatness, zero runout, and surface finish for friction material compatibility. And you get the right fit for your performance car! Strap Driven Force 9.5 and 10.5 clutches eliminate the floater plate rattle that is prevalent in stand-driven multi disc clutches.  For vehicles that see mostly street use these clutches are the predominant choice.   Stand driven RTrack dual disc units feature a heavier duty drive mechanism for the floater plate that stands up to more abuse in vehicles that see the race track more often than street.  Some floater plate rattle will occur with these units.

RAM Street Dual disc systems are specifically engineered for today’s late model performance cars and engine swaps into earlier vehicles. The purpose of these clutches is to provide smooth driveability for high power levels that was previously not available using aggressive friction material single disc clutches. Friction material is not the only consideration for good driveability. We also need to maintain enough overall weight in the clutch assembly so that the clutch can be driven at lower RPM and maintain vehicle inertia without ‘bucking’. If the clutch assembly is built too light, driveability on the low-end suffers. Applications with large camshaft profiles are prone to this and need the inertia of a heavier unit if the owner wants to maintain this low speed driveability. On the other hand, drivers of road-race inspired vehicles will benefit from the lighter weight of a smaller diameter clutch as it allows the vehicle to drive deeper into the turns before letting off the throttle, and accelerate back to torque range quicker coming out of the turns. Most RAM Street Dual systems are engineered for proper fit with late model hydraulic release systems. The setup height of the clutch is critical to proper operation; this eliminates the need for spacers or other modifications to the release mechanism. Dual disc clutches that bolt to a stock flywheel can be a release problem! Most every RAM dual disc works with the factory release system; the few that do not will function correctly by adding a RAM internal hydraulic bearing. So keep in mind, the smallest and lightest clutch assembly may not be right for your particular application. Depend on a clutch company that properly engineers their clutch systems to fit your particular vehicle.

If you are unsure which unit is best for your application, contact the professionals at RAM to help you determine the best choice .


The RAM Force 9.5 is the ideal entry level dual disc clutch for street use. With torque capacity to roughly 700-foot pounds and a moderate clamp pressure, it will handle small blower or turbo installations and provide a light pedal effort similar to the stock clutch. In fact, drivers of our 2010 Camaro test vehicle were not able to tell that the stock clutch was changed at all! The floater plate is driven from three sets of straps that eliminate any floater plate rattle at idle. The top clutch disc features a sprung hub assembly that absorbs the initial engagement of the clutch and reduces the chance of chatter on takeoff. This clutch is compatible with factory hydraulic release mechanisms except as noted in the application guide. It is compatible with all factory master cylinder systems when used in conjunction with a RAM hydraulic release bearing. For higher horsepower applications, the Force 10.5 dual disc is the natural choice. Based on the design of the original RAM Street Dual, Force 10.5 is more street friendly by using a three strap system to locate the floater plate. This eliminates floater plate ‘rattle’ that is common on stand driven dual disc clutches. A high clamp load pressure plate assures plenty of holding power without excessive pedal pressure. Steel backed 300 series facing mean smooth engagement on takeoff and insure long service life. For higher torque capacities, the Force 10.5N features the proven RAM 900 series metallic facings. Force 10.5 dual disc systems handle bigger torque loads and are a bit heavier than their smaller cousins. This higher inertia translates into better low speed driveability in heavier vehicles, or in large camshaft profile applications. If you are bolting on a larger blower or turbo system, Force 10.5 may be the best choice for you. The RAM RTrack Dual is modeled after our highly successful drag racing clutches used in high horsepower Pro Stock and Pro Modified applications. The major difference between these clutches and the Force 10.5 is the floater drive system. RTrack Dual uses a stand driven floater plate, which provides higher torque capacity and negative load capacity for vehicles that see more use at the track. It uses a 2400 pound clamp load pressure plate for good holding power without excessive pedal effort, and features 300 series sprung hub top disc and solid hub bottom disc for smooth engagement. A 900 series disc version is available for higher torque load applications up to about 1300 foot pounds. Expect some floater plate noise at idle with this unit’s drive system. If you need the ultimate in holding power and durability for street or strip, the RTrack Dual is for you!





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