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Our 2013-14 World Champions! 

Rickie Smith 

Elijah Morton 

Gary Courtier 

Mike Castellana 

Learn all about RAM hydraulic bearings

Our newest video tells about the different RAM hydraulic release bearings that are available for different applications, and how they work.  Check it out!  And watch how to install these bearings in our 'how to install a RAM hydraulic bearing' video on the right side of this page. 

New on video:  All about RAM billet drag race clutches
You've been asking for it... now here it is.  RAM's Pat Norcia explains the ins and outs of RAM billet drag race assemblies - how they go together, how to set them up in your car, and other answers to questions that we get asked all the time! 

New lightweight flywheels for single disc drag racing units
New lighter weight drag racing flywheels for single disc sintered iron or metallic clutch systems are the perfect compliment to our billet ring long style pressure plates!  Fully machined in house from 7075 material, these flywheels utilize segmented friction inserts, providing outstanding durability and resistance to warpage or distortion. Hardened inserts are used on all the crank bolt holes to prevent wear while removing and reinstalling the flywheel over time.  Available for SB/BB Chevrolet and SB/BB Ford. 
SB/BB Chevrolet PN 2601, SB Ford PN 2616, BB Ford PN 2619 

It's all about the LOAD, not the 'level'!  How to select the right single disc clutch system

If you are selecting your clutch system by the hp level or rating only, you are missing the boat and you are going to be disappointed!  Watch our newest video on single disc clutch systems for practical advice on selecting the right one.

  Selecting a RAM single disc clutch set

RAM Force 10.5 and RTrack dual disc systems now available for ZL-1 Camaro

RAM dual disc clutch systems are now available for ZL-1 Camaro owners.  The clutch system utilizes a special flywheel design that properly positions the clutch discs for transmission input splines and reduces overall weight from 65.5 pounds to just over 50 pounds.  Get these units with either steel backed organic friction for smooth street driveability and performance, or 900 series metallic for more competition oriented cars.
RAM Force 10.5 dual disc - 80-2112 RTrack dual disc - 90-2112

Force 10.5 dual disc metallic - 80-2112N

RTrack dual disc metallic - 90-2112N

RAM competitors dominate ADRL Battle for the Belts

RAM drag racers put on quite a show at Rockingham, taking home $50,000 each in the ADRL Battle for the Belts.  Winners were:  Rickie Smith - Pro Mod, Scott Hintz - Extreme Pro Stock, and  Pat Stoken in Pro Nitrous.  Congratulations guys!

Introducing RAM solutions for 2010-up V6 Camaro

RAM introduces a superb solution for newer V6 Camaro owners looking for a little extra bite in their clutch combination.  The new Force 9.5 unit features two sprung hub discs and is available with organic (75-2105) or metallic (75-2105N) friction materials.  We also incorporated a unique input shaft front support system that helps eliminate gear rattle and stabilize the input shaft in higher torque applications.  These units are perfect for owners that are looking for a better, more consistent pedal feel or adding turbos, superchargers, or nitrous to this peppy little motor!

RAM clutch systems for Ford Mustang V6 2011-up now ready to ship! 


Ford set a precedent for economical horsepower with the introduction of their 300 hp 3.7L V6 Mustang coupes in 2011. Now RAM Clutches introduces the first clutch alternative for owners of these 2011 up V6 Mustangs. The Force 9.5 and 10.5 is engineered for a direct fit into these vehicles... read more-->

Ram combines metallic-sintered clutch plate with Force 9.5 cover assembly for increased clutch capacity & light weight

Launched in 2010, RAM's Force 9.5 dual disc units are not new.  What is new, however, is by combining it with their 900 series friciton material, the clutch's capacity is increased form handling around 700 hp to around 950 hp.  

  These clutches fit all popular applications including Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Challenger, as well as early muscle cars and resto mod installations.  Read more-->  

New SFI bellhousing specifications

SFI has changed the bellhousing specifications in that now the inner liner must extend all the way to the engine plate.  This will create some clearance problems for the flywheel ring gear in certain bellhousings.  The standard GM 168 tooth ring gear will NOT clear this new liner.  Read more-->

Innovative new billet pressure ring for Long Style racing applications

A perfect compliment to single disc clutch systems using sintered iron discs, this new RAM pressure ring is machined from 7075 aluminum for superior strength.  By using segmented steel inserts instead of a single insert --> MORE

RAM introduces professional alignment tools

With RAM's 1040 steel alignment tools, you can now get perfect disc alignment for your clutch install without the inaccuracies of plastic alignment tools.  These tools are perfect for installations such as dual discs that are even more critical for proper setup.  Available for both GM and Ford apps with 1 1/8-26, 1 1/8-10, or 1 1/16-10 spline inputs.

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